Worth knowing

On 1 July 2024, we, Liselotte and Olivier will take over Bert’s Chambres d’hôtes. A few years ago, we bought a cottage in the neighbouring village of Ternant and fell in love with the area. Liselotte travelled all over the country in her younger years and thus already had a love for France. After an 18-year career for Liselotte and a 27-year career with the same employer in Belgium for Olivier, it is time for something different. We look forward to welcoming our guests and giving them a relaxing, enjoyable holiday.

B&B Vol Liefde

in 2021, previous owner Bert participated in the programme B&B Vol Liefde. A television programme by RTL Nederland in which B&B owners go in search of love. Bert took part in B&B Vol Liefde with great pleasure.


The impression you get here of the accommodation was created by a good friend of Bert’s, Kiki Janssen of De Kiekjesfabriek. Take a look at her website! – http://www.dekiekjesfabriek.nl

La Cressonne

Origin of the name of Chambres d’Hôtes La Cressonne

It takes its name from the river “La Cressonne”, which flows just over two hundred metres from our property. This small river is 28 kilometres long and originates at an altitude of 382 metres, crossing villages such as Cronat, Ternant, Montabert and La Nocle-Maulaix and flowing into the Loire near Saint Hilaire-Fontaine.

Designer of the logo

Hello, my name is Remo Deijns and I am the designer of the logo of “La Cressonne”. As a student at the art academy in Arnhem, I was approached by the previous manager Bert to design a logo for his Chambres d’ Hôtes. This was, of course, a fun challenge for me.

You can clearly see how old a tree is by its annual rings. And that the tree has been able to stand and grow quietly for years. The annual rings play as a metaphor for rest and that it is quite easy to forget time.

The skyline ven the village of St Seine is also incorporated into the logo. Because at La Cressonne, we have a lot of attention and respect for nature and its surroundings. This is an important part of La Cressonne!


Text writer

Of course, the story of previous owner Bert and his La Cressonne is a treat for a copywriter. While sipping a French wine in my mind and enjoying an unadulterated stink cheese, all I had to do was put it on paper. A great place, in the middle of France. I patiently await the invitation 😉

La Cressonne’s interior designer

Nicole is a creative stylist who is always looking for surprising solutions. Searching together with the client for the most surprising, most beautiful or most intriguing solutions. That is the challenge. The end result is that the interior fits like a tailor-made suit, but is never boring.

Her passion for colour and composition can be found on her Pinterest boards. More than 10,000 followers view her pictures for their daily dose of inspiration.

The inspiration for the interior styling is the surroundings of Burgundy, its fields (domaine), villages (village), forests (forêt) and cities (ville). From there, the mood boards were created. In which we looked for products that can be reused and given a “new life” through an original adaptation! The use of colour makes it a beautiful unity!